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15th November 2009


A photographer once decided not to buy that fancy, expensive f2.8 telephoto lens he always wanted, but instead to use the R30 000 for a very expensive, “going out with style”, type of funeral.

Not long after that he did pass away, and his wife was complaining to a friend: “ I can’t believe all the money for the funeral is gone, I spend R500 on flowers, R500 for the church, and R500 for the lady playing the organ, and R28 500 on a memorial stone” “How big is the memorial stone” her friend asked? “22 carrots” she answered.

On that note, here are the upcoming photographic workshops for November and December, and [name], remember if you are stuck for Christmas Gift ideas, I now have gift vouchers available.


“Don’t be Afraid of the Dark” Photographic Workshop

At Whale View Manor Guest House in Simon’s Town on Friday evening the 20th of November 2009 from 18h00 till 21h00.

On this workshop I will teach you how to take AWESOME photographs at night, without flash, using a long exposure. You will learn more about apertures and what shutter speed to use. What White Balance and ISO settings to use, as well as how to take photographs on your camera’s “B” setting to get record car trail lights at night.

Rudi Fisch: “This workshop was very informative and I will enjoy my camera much more now, I enjoyed the variety of settings shown tonight”

Koos Fourie: “I have learned a lot of techniques tonight. Now I must just go and practise on my own. I enjoyed the ‘paint with light’ the most and will definitely recommend this workshop”

Only R180 per person, book NOW, limited space availible!

“Motion of the Ocean” Photographic Workshop
At Whale View Manor Guest House in Simon’s Town on Friday evening the 18th
of December 2009

Learn how to take STUNNING photographs, using a slow shutter speed, to capture the movement of the waves. This technique will help improve your landscape photographs tremendously. Learn how to take photographs on your camera’s shutter priority mode, and what shutter speed to use to create the perfect amount of blur. I will also show you what filters every serious photographer should have in his bag.

Suzy Digby-Smith: “Peter is a very good teacher, and takes time to explain further and doesn’t make you feel silly if you first didn’t understand”

Pete Spence: “I thoroughly enjoyed it and would like a follow up and do more...”

Liz O’Connell: “Thank you very much for the workshop yesterday. It was very useful to get the practical experience straight after the tuition. I had a lot of fun and look forward to coming to play on your next workshop”

Only R180 per person, book NOW, limited space availible!


“Cape Peninsula” Photographic Workshop
Learn more about photography, and your camera in the beautiful scenic surrounds of the Cape Peninsula on these full day photographic workshops held on Saturday the 28th of November 2009, and Saturday the 12th of December 2010.

At Boulders Beach you will learn more about fill-in flash, off camera flash, focus,
and your camera’s light meter, while photographing African Penguins.

At Kommetjie you will learn more about Aperture Priority, Depth of Field and using
foreground interest to enhance your photographs, while taking photographs of Slangkop Light House.

At Muizenberg you will learn about UV filters, polarizing filters, and graduated grey neutral
density filters while photographing colourful beach huts.

At Kalk Bay you will learn about composition and using “Rules of Third.”
And then finally, on route back to Simon’s Town I will show you how to use reflectors to add subtle fill light to your photographs.

We end this wonderful day at Whale View Manor with coffee and tea, while viewing the photographs we took, and any tips and tricks on how improve on them.

Only R990 per person, including yummy breakfast at Whale View Manner, all transport for the day, afternoon tea/ coffee, and your Personal Photocoach on hand.




One on one photographic courses are still available at R350 per session. This is the ideal way to learn how to use YOUR camera better. Courses are individual and tailored for your requirements, even if you only have a compact camera.


It is that time of the year again, and if you need to get those annual family photographs taken again, why not consider informal and fun family lifestyle portraits?  We now have gift vouchers available because photographs are always a welcome gift in any family. Only R650 per hour, book soon, to avoid disappointment

The way I see it...

"If you want to take more interesting photographs,
get your camera to more interesting places..."

Keep those cameras snapping, till next time.

Peter Haarhoff       

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